What is the difference between VPS and Dedicated server ?

VPS (Virtual Private Server) is a virtual machine created on a physical server. The hosting provider creates multiple VPS on a physical server and provides access to their users. VPS is as good as a dedicated server but with limited resources. VPS provides root access to the user so the user can install any software/OS and perform any root/administrator level tasks.

Having a VPS is similar to renting a unit or apartment in a flat or building. You will have great control and freedom over your apartment without having to share facilities like the living room, bathroom or kitchen with other people. However, you are still sharing certain facilities with the other people in the building, such as the electricity and water systems.

Dedicated server is a service where the user leases the entire physical server and is not shared by anyone else. It is literally just a full physical server, dedicated to a single client. Unlike VPS the user has full control over the server and its hardware. The user can choose the hardware, software, OS, etc. Dedicated server is more expensive than VPS because of the benefits like high performance, security, email stability, uptime and full administrator control.

Having a Dedicated Server is like renting a house. You are entitled to all the resources available within the house; no one else will be competing for the resources that you own.

Should your business go with a VPS or a Dedicated server?

It depends what you are planning to use it for. If you have a resource-intensive platform or service to run – a game server, for example, or a calculation-heavy database, or you are a professional Forex trader – then you should probably spring for a dedicated server. Dedicated server is also recommended for big companies and institutions who have huge data and perform multiple tasks and calculations.

VPS might be a better choice if you are hosting file servers and DNS servers or hosting a website or doing software development, as new resources and operating environments can be spun up with relative ease. Virtual private servers are suitable for novice and professional traders for automated trading (Forex and etc.) by using Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP), as well as for other tasks which involve the use of Windows VPS or Linux/BSD VPS.

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Virtual Machines

is a service where a customer is provided with a software emulation of a real physical server which is called "virtual machine". The same physical server can run many virtual servers which work in isolation.

Hybrid servers

hybrid of a virtual and a dedicated server. Each hybrid server has its own separate hard disk, as well as a dedicated server; for each hybrid server the processor cores and memory are rigidly fixed.

Dedicated servers

the client is provided with the entire physical server that is connected to a separate network port. The best solution for projects that need increased stability and reliability.

Server Management

entrust the Server Management of your server to our professionals who will correctly configure the operating system, network and software, as well as protect your server from attacks, hacking and unauthorized access.

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